Construction waste and demolition waste are wastes that arise as a result of construction work, security work, as well as work carried out during the maintenance of buildings, during the modification of buildings or the removal of buildings.

We provide a complex system with loading and processing of construction waste. From delivery and removal in large-volume containers to the storage of construction waste at our collection yard.

For the storage of construction waste, we have established a collection and recycling yard, where we collect and evaluate construction waste with a crushing and sorting mobile unit. The resulting product, construction aggregate, serves as a commodity for further use in the construction industry.

the campus is located at:
areál eisen 1493, 927 03 Šaľa
phone: 0911 915 594

Code Construction waste Price
17 01 01 Concrete without admixtures on request
17 01 01 Reinforced concrete and concrete with admixtures on request
17 01 02 Bricks with admixtures (shingles, concrete, clay) we do not take temporarily
17 01 03 Wall tiles, tiles and ceramics we do not take temporarily
17 01 07 Mixture of concrete, bricks, tiles, tiles, ceramics other than 17 01 06 we do not take temporarily
17 05 04 Soil and aggregate with admixtures we do not take temporarily
17 03 02 Bituminous mixtures - asphalts with additives we do not take temporarily
17 08 02 Gypsum-based building materials other than in 17 08 01 we do not take temporarily
17 09 04 Mixed waste from construction and demolition (containing municipal waste components) on request

The stored and recovered waste must not contain harmful substances, poisons, toxic substances, poisonous chemicals, asbestos, waste from artificial materials (plastics, plastics, food packaging...), waste from rubber, PVC, textiles, substances and material of a non-building nature. In case of occurrence of packaging materials, the amount will be charged according to the price list for the type of "mixed waste" (municipal waste).